Colfax Design Works ADP_39 Adventure Duffle Pack

Colfax Design Works is a small design house out of Southern California. Applying a decade of technical pack design they’re set on producing #adaptablegoods versatile enough to thrive in any environment. The ADP_39 Adventure Duffle Pack is the latest expression of their design mission, developed to be the ultimate adventure duffle. Utilizing lightweight MIL-spec components, the ADP_39 is a highly technical duffle/pack made for multiple carry configurations. Its straps can transition quickly from duffle straps to backpack straps when you’ve got to move quickly and confidently. The exterior of the bag is built from VX Nylon with X-ply tear resistant layer and backed with a waterproof membrane and combined with water resistant YKK Weather Guard zippers to keep your essentials dry when the weather turns. External webbing provides multiple lashing points for when there’s only room left on the roof of your rig.  Add on some of CDW’s modular packs and you will have a pack system for any mission set.