YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair

YETI is shockingly good at taking commoditized products and turning them into high performance luxury items. Silicon Valley may get the credit for leading in “disrupting”, but the cooler kings from Austin deserve to be included in any disruptive short list. Coolers, koozies, tote bags, and coffee mugs all have been markedly improved by YETI. With the Hondo Base Camp Chair they’ve gone and taken the largely disposable folding lawn chair and made it an overlanding item of lust. Applying design and construction methods from the climbing and downhill mountain biking worlds, the Hondo is a lawn chair ready to shrug off years of abuse. The breathable mesh panels can support up to 500 lbs without warping, and solid cast joints typically used on vehicle doors beef up the normally vulnerable pivot points of folding chairs. The frame itself is double layered aluminum tubing that’s been welded together for longevity. With a built in cup holder and the option to add a Hondo Gear Bag to keep any further necessities close at hand, you’ll be sure to dominate any bonfire get togethers for many years to come.