Cool & Vintage Build N77

Land Rover Defender 110’s are undeniably awesome. Take one of the original 110’s to roll off the production line, strip it down, and hire artist Vasco Costa to paint the frame as if a canvas and you’ve got mobile art. Cool & Vintage has a way of consistently exceeding the high bar of their moniker and this N77 build is no exception. Vasco Costa is a Lisbon resident, and dedicated all of the painting on the frame to his home city. Most of it can’t be seen, but that’s not the point. Cool & Vintage isn’t about being in your face with their work, they clearly understand the value of restraint properly applied.

“Our cars eschew flash for the design mandate ‘form follows function,’ built for people who understand ‘journey’ the way we do. People who understand that art is a profoundly personal thing, and — like “place” — doesn’t need to be worn on one’s sleeve, on a baseball cap, or on the side of a car blaring that it is special. People who understand that in any event, art is not only a thing – but an experience.” – Cool & Vintage explains the “Why” of the N77

Whomever comes to own the Cool & Vintage N77 won’t just get a beautiful 110, but one that’s got the modern upgrades that make it a viable daily depending on your budget. A new V8, Marshall sound system, and custom leather interior from Connolly round things out perfectly.