Norlha- ethical luxury

Founded by mother- daughter team Kim and  Dechen Yeshi, Norlha offers luxury yak fiber outerwear and home goods, handwoven by Tibetian nomads of the Zorge Ritoma Plateau.  All items are handmade by dedicated artisans, creating exceptional products that have attracted collaborations with Pariasian fashion houses such as Balmain and Lanvin.  The Yeshis have created and trained an entire community, helping to preserve the culture and tradition of an otherwise dwindling indigenous population.
Dechen also developed a unique Tibetan camping experience called Norden Camp, for those seeking to experience the Tibetan Plateau in style and comfort.
Cruise over to the Norlha website for ethical, conscious, sustainable luxury goods, and Norden Camp to learn more about the experience of a lifetime.