ENVE New Bike Upgrade Program

The COVID Crisis has brought an entirely new energy to cycling. Bicycles are flying off retailer shelves and being dusted off from the backs of garages. One of our very favorite component makers, ENVE, has launched a new program through its network of qualified dealers. Now you can get their incredibly beautiful and high-end carbon wheelsets installed hassle-free at the point of purchase.

How it works…
1 ) Visit a qualified ENVE dealer and choose your new bike.

2 ) Tell the dealer you want the ENVE New Bike Upgrade.

3 ) Select the ENVE wheels you want and the dealer will provide a credit for the stock wheels prior to the bike leaving the showroom floor.

4 ) The dealer takes care of installation and setup so you’re ride-ready.

5 ) Go ride your new ENVE-out bicycle.

We’re particularly big fans of their gravel bike-ready CX Disc Carbon Fiber Wheelset ($2,550).

Learn more at ENVE.com