Wild Ingenuity™: Andrea Rosso of MYAR

It should be no surprise that we here at Vanish love MYAR’s tagline: “a modern view of the past”. We’re also completely enamored with the Italian fashion house’s latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection: Re_Aloha. They have flawlessly combined the seemingly disparate organic prints of European camo and Aloha attire into a mindblowing juxtaposition that somehow just works. We caught up with MYAR’s inspiring lead Mr. Andrea Rosso for this week’s Wild Ingenuity™ interview. 

How is nature woven into your product strategy?
I’ve always been fascinated by nature. To me, nature has such a beautiful color, shape, and form. Every nature print has its own history and story. So to combine the beautiful colors and happy tropical scenes of Hawaii together with something that has a more army-related history with the European camouflage is a way of saying that nature can exist in harmony. I love the affinity between these two climate systems—Romanian, British and Italian camo, combined with tropical prints has so much beauty.

Where do you and your team go for inspiration?
When we talk about MYAR, we talk about past, present, and future. We like to dig through depots of used garments in warehouses to find the past. The present moment drives you to that piece that speaks to you, that you can connect with, that you can see in some urban styles or in the next fall line. For most people, warehouses can be dirty and smell, I’ve seen every kind of insect inside of there. But I have to tell you, for us there’s no better place to find unique multi-patterns and fabric colors massed together as an inspirational point of view. 

What trends are you seeing and tracking right now that are helping you and your company plan for the future?
We’ve all been going through a period that’s kept us at home and naturally we have been wearing a lot of cotton, sweatpants, the most comfortable t-shirts. All those rigid woven fabrics, whether it’s a dress shirt, a suit jacket, or even shoes… those are really only for grabbing attention. But at home, you care about comfort… comfort is almost erasing the need for clothing that’s so stiff. Purity is a word that comes up in our conversations now. So we’ve been thinking about more purity, more simplicity, and a more classic approach to the next collection.

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