First Aid Kit | MyMedic Recon

It’s easy to think that you are always prepared because you have your wallet and phone on you. So many of us only need these items on the daily but if you are an Overlander or on a weekend warrior mission, a first aid kit is a must. Even having one in your vehicle for daily driving is a smart idea. There are a ton of options out there in various sizes and applications so it’s a good idea to pick what is good for the space you have or the mission you are about to embark on. We really like the MyMedic Recon First Aid Kit due to it’s size and that it comes fully stocked with some of the best supplies available. The pack has multiple compartments so it’s easy to find what you need. It’s a bit cleaner than an open pack with all the items stuffed in a rats nest of first aid. Aside of using this pack like a normal backpack, it also comes with a sling for another carry option. To top it off, there are 3 mag pouches if you are using this for ‘Get the F@!K out of town’ bag. The two options for the Recon are the Basic ($250) or the Advanced ($375).