Class of 2020 Grad Highlights: USU’s Outdoor Product Design Program

It’s gotta be rough to be a 2020 college graduate. Let’s face it, these are tough times. So here at Vanish we want to do our part and highlight a few grads for the outdoor industry to get a look at. We’re huge fans of the Outdoor Product Design and Development (OPDD) program at Utah State University. We believe they’ve taken great strides to become one of the premiere programs in the nation. Today we’re highlight four grads with work that makes us excited to gear up and get out.

James Clark

James has a knack for clever hardware design. Give his T-Cup belay device a gander.


Haley Bennion

There’s a certain sense of artistry in Haley’s designs. We dig her concept for the Primus utensil set.


River McKay

River brings a real eye for versatility in her work. Check out her concept for the Riversal Drysuit.


Hunter Okerlund

Hunter takes his name pretty literally with some stellar camo concepts. And you know how much we love our camo here at Vanish.

Good luck to all the 2020 grads out there. We wish you the best of luck. And click here if you want to check out the portfolios of the entire graduating class of the USU OPDD program.