Imperial Motion Welder Ghost Reflective Jacket

It’s pretty clear the Vanish team loves camo of all kinds. Thus it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when we found Imperial Motion’s new Welder Ghost Reflective Jacket with stealth reflective camo we were psyched. Nearly invisible in daylight, the Welder Ghost lights up with its digi-cam pattern when hit by direct light after dark. With a perforated exterior for airflow, the “jacket” probably functions more in a hoodie role, but YKK zippers, a chest pocket, and ultra soft ribbing at the waist and wrists make it look like a comfy one. While it looks great, has the functional touches, and hits our camo itch, the safety aspects come sundown for urban runner, cycling, or even just commuting are hugely attractive. For under $90 the Welder Ghost Reflective Jacket is easy on the wallet too. A lot to like.