Mindfulness in Baja

Opened in the 1940’s, Rancho La Puerta in Baja California, is still one of the best kept wellness secrets across the border. An easy, 1 hour drive from San Diego leads you to the quiet town of Tecate where the absence of tourists and crowds may make you wonder whether you’re in the right place. You are, and soon you’ll discover the great food, classes, stunning landscape, and friendly atmosphere that have turned guests into regulars, returning year after year.

Here are the top 5 reasons to make Rancho La Puerto your best mindfulness destination.

Nature: Not only are the expansive grounds landscaped with native, water-wise plants enjoyed by birds, bunnies and other wildlife who mutter the only sounds heard in the quiet surroundings, the rolling hills throughout The Ranch are covered in trails perfect for an early morning hike or half-day adventure.

Privacy: It’s entirely possible to either socialize with fellow guests or remain on your own, only crossing paths with others in classes or on the quiet garden walkways around the property. If you’re looking for a mindfulness escape, The Ranch makes is easy.

Delicious Food: The emphasis here is more about gaining health than losing weight, and taking pleasure in good food is part of that. The Ranch has its own six-acre organic farm with seasoned chefs so the meals here are outstanding. You’ll enjoy a mix of quiet dinners and festive family-style meals under the stars.

Comfortable Casitas: This isn’t your average hotel. You will stay in a colorful, private casita with amenities that include air conditioning, safes, filtered water, and Mexican folk art. No two are alike, and they are spread out all over the property, so you’ll always have privacy.

No Distractions: For seven nights, enjoy a gorgeous room void of in-room WiFi and television. You’ll even receive a “sleeping bag” for your cell phone as a reminder to unplug, de-stress and enjoy the silence of the beautiful Ranch.

For more information and rates visit: Rancho La Puerta