Meditation on the Move

Commonly associated with low-impact or stationary exercise such as yoga, walking, or sitting, meditation is more about the act of mindfulness and less about what you’re physically doing. However as the practice has become increasingly popular within mainstream culture, it’s not surprising that the idea of mindfulness has spread to runners as well.

Which is why Nike and Headspace have now partnered through the Nike+Run Club app to feature work-out specific mini meditations and tips for optimizing the listener’s training. Referred to as the world’s first audio-guided mindful runs, the app aims to improve form, stamina, and speed, while helping the runner find inner strength and peace throughout the course of the workout.

“By the end of each of these runs, the hope is the athlete has learned a little more about themselves as a runner,” Chris Bennett, global head coach of Nike Running, said in the press release. He added that he hopes mindfulness can, in essence, bridge the gap between runners and their ambitions. “When we are running mindfully, we are actively creating the conditions for that sense of flow, meaning everything is enhanced, from technique and motivation to focus and recovery.”