PEARL iZUMi Strengthens Sense of Community Among Female Cyclists with “We” Initiative

Apart from the acute stress accumulated over the past two years, the COVID era has left us reeling from the chronic effects of isolation. Even the most introverted individuals have reached the point of mourning how separated we’ve become from one another, both physically and emotionally.

For athletes training in individual sports like cycling and running, pandemic protections have instilled the expectation to go solo more often than not. While the independent nature of these activities has made it easier to keep a healthy distance than in collaborative sports, the isolation still puts a cap on potential by limiting essential learning opportunities via social connection.

In response to these detrimental impacts that are just now really starting to sink in after two years stuck in the same routines, PEARL iZUMi has launched a social platform help restore connections throughout the women’s cycling community. Female athletes know that there’s a special sense of empowerment that only comes from training with other women, because the female experience of sport takes its own course on everything from physical responses to mental perceptions to emotional attitudes.

“PEARL iZUMi has been at the forefront of providing the highest quality of innovation for women’s apparel for years. What we have seen is that when women get together, good things happen for the community and the connections made through riding are incredibly meaningful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or professional,” said Abi Youcha, PEARL iZUMi Brand Marketing Specialist. “We truly believe in the power of connecting and riding together. We are thrilled to launch a program that links it all together.”

The online platform goes by the fitting name of “WeWe” as PEARL iZUMi works to put a new spin on building camaraderie. The program offers a ride locator and events calendar to help connect female cyclists with other women nearby. The We blog then features stories on current events, athlete spotlights, race reports, and topics of conversation relevant to female riders written by members of the PEARL iZUMi CREW ambassador team. can also access exclusive information on releases and designs from the We Collection, the latest line of women’s cycling apparel from the brand.

Every aspect of the We initiative builds off of the core concept that, in such a strange day and age, “We have nothing to prove and everything to gain. We’re moving for change and loving the ride.” Resources, connections, and lessons come together on this platform for women, by women, and with women’s needs at center stage.