Rossmonster Vans: One of the Top Van and Overland Builds, Now Available As Rentals

In the event that you are still saving up that quarter $mill to get your own 4×4 Sprinter build done, you can now rent the same and have the same experience and jealous looks that you will when you invest your life savings into a vehicle that gets 12 miles to the gallon — but of course that’s not the point.

These rigs are the pinnacle of design/build in the vanlife world, and the brand is now into full overland rigs built on F350 Ford Superduty chasis — ultra reliable, powerful, and fun/easy to drive. They even feature a Millenium Falcon style rear entry that blows people’s minds as you travel the Blue Highways and boondock your way across the American landscape. Study the specs and features and make sure it meets your needs. But we assure you you will be blown away by the functionality, layout and attention to detail of these rigs.

We would love to take out one of their Sprinters some time as well (and they are also now doing Airstream trailers and opening an Airstream RV resort outside of Austin), but we took the new Baja on a week-long bike tour and loved it.

Rossmönster Vans started as a group of woodworkers, engineers and electricians with a passion for the outdoors who now build custom vans out of their shop in Longmont, Colorado. Their builds are driven by a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and custom solutions for each client. In an effort to more broadly share their products with the world, Rossmönster Vans launched Rossmönster Rentals in 2019, which also runs out of their shop in Longmont. Now, Rossmonster Overland is out with the brand’s first truck camper model, The Baja.

On the back: The new Ventum GS-1 gravel race machine