The Decathlon 2 Second Easy Pitch Tent is the Fastest Pitching Legitimate Camping Tent in the World

Decathlon  is the largest designer, manufacturer and retailer of sporting goods in the world. They have more than 20 in-house brands across 86 sports and 1600 retail storefronts in 54 countries. Why haven’t you heard of them? Here in the U.S. they are building their footprint mostly via eComm with one mega store (47,000 sq feet) in Emeryville, Calif., and an aggressive plan to open more.

They’re of interest however because of the work they are doing around innovation and sustainability. The brand’s innovation goals are broken down into: Cost, which is passed on to consumers with direct sales and a goal of making the outdoors more accessible for all; Sustainability, including its global people practices along with progressive environmental standards; and Function, for quality and durability. Thus, the Quechua 2 Second Easy Pitch Tent.

The 2 Second Easy Tent

The highly unique “2 Second Easy” is in our estimation the fastest pitching legit use camping tent on the market — meaning there may be other tent-like structures that pop up faster but that this is a true hard-use camping tent. The latest version features a new compact design and patented setup and breakdown system with a more dynamic shape and self-supporting patented structure. To assemble, users need only remove the tent from it’s carrying pack and pull the red drawstrings. The tension on the drawstrings allows the tent to literally pitch itself. Breakdown is almost as easy: release the tension by pressing a button, and fold as instructed. The tent compacts and fits in its hybrid stuff sack carrying case very nicely. $199

The newest iteration also features sustainable technology such as dope dyed fabric and fully repairable systems, but does not feature Decathlon’s “Fresh & Black” technology, which stops 99 percent of light from entering the tent. Rather, this new version allows users the opportunity to star-gaze and wake up naturally with the morning light.

The story goes that Decathlon tent product manager and designer Jean-François Ratel challenged himself to create a tent that “pitches itself” — and the brand’s “2 Second line” was born. The base technology was launched back in 2004. Since then, they have been applying continued innovation to make the tent even better.

Here’s Decathlon’s timeline for innovation on this product:

2004: The first self-supporting and self-expanding Quechua tent sees the light of day. It was known as the “Flash,” the code name of the prototype.

2005: Following its launch, the 2 Seconds collection took off. Unbelievably simple to use, it charmed camping lovers.

2006: For increased comfort inside the tent in high temperatures, Quechua installed a ventilation system: 2 side panels moving apart from the inside

2012: Fresh technology is added to the 2 Seconds Air and its optimized ventilation, which ensures a cooler feeling inside the tent. This innovation uses a fabric that blocks solar radiation.

2014: “My 2 Seconds” or a made-to-measure tent as thousands of campers personalize their tent using the Quechua customization module.

2015: 10 years after marketing the first tent 2 Seconds, it was still a hit.

2016: Quechua innovates again with the invention of “Fresh & Black” technology, keeping its tents cool and dark.

2020: The new 2 Seconds EASY sees the light of day; more compact, easier to unfold and fold away.