Spots Still Open for the California Coast Classic Bike Tour

There’s something irreplaceably special about traveling via bike tour. It combines the empowerment of self-propulsion with the convenience of wheels – no doubt one of the most impactful contributions to human history to date. You’re able to simultaneously work hard and go far while staying in close touch with your surroundings.

The California Coast Classic Bike Tour takes that winning combination a step further. Participants treat themselves to 525 miles of some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world on top of raising money for the Arthritis Foundation. The CCC bike tour, which hugs the coastline along California Highway 1, has been voted the Best Charity Bike Tour by Gran Fondo Guide and ranks among the Top 30 Best Road Biking Trips according to Outside Magazine.

The September tour celebrates its 22nd birthday this year. Organizers are celebrating that milestone by introducing the option to participate in the tour virtually, thanks to the insights gleaned from disruptions during the COVID pandemic.

“One of the lessons we learned from the pandemic is that there are a lot of cyclists and other athletes out there who want to support the Arthritis Foundation, even if they cannot attend CCC in-person,” said Shannon Marang Cox, Ride Director and Associate Executive Director of the Arthritis Foundation. “ACE gives supporters a great new opportunity to join us and contribute to our mission while still being a part of the larger CCC community that brings great experience, knowledge, and motivation to all participants.”

The chance to participate at all is well worth the effort either way. Arthritis reigns as the leading cause of disability nationwide, and the Arthritis Foundation has a heavier load on its shoulders than it can handle without help. If you can’t make it all the way out to California, then embarking on your own 500+ mile bike tour in your neck of the woods still contributes to the Foundation in a meaningful way and adds to your own bank of explorative experiences.

But there’s no denying that committing to the tour in person holds the most value. Luckily, there are still 70 spots remaining for there 8 day ride, and riders save 30% on registration until the end of May in honor of Arthritis Awareness Month and Bike Month together. The event will cap at 250 participants, and typically sells out well before its time to ride.

The CCC bike tour is open to riders of all levels willing to tackle the adventure. The whole event is fully supported, and welcomes beginner and advanced cyclists alike to challenge themselves according to their own skill levels. The ride usually raises over $1 million each year, and is one of the largest single fundraisers for the Arthritis Foundation nationwide. The tour runs from September 10th-17th this fall.