TAFT Footwear Launches NFT Design Line

A sign of the times but unusual nonetheless, digital meets wearable with the upcoming launch of the TAFT NFT sneaker collection.

When you buy a pair of these limited edition shoes, you’ll also pocket the rights to the exclusive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) at the heart of the design. That means that your shoe purchase doubles as an investment in a new corner of the art world that’s only getting more popular with every passing day. Even the best pair of kicks might not stand the test of time, but digital art is forever.

Each shoe features a completely unique design that belongs entirely to the shoe owner. The shoes feature images of winged animals that take inspiration from luxury fashion houses and make it more approachable. No two designs are exactly alike, which means that whatever design you snag will be the only one of its kind to walk the earth and travel the internet. You literally won’t be able to find your design anywhere else.

“We’re doing something absolutely unheard of. We’re making a wearable NFT in the form of a sneaker. Much like how an NFT is minted, the purchaser will get a limited edition of the TAFT NFT Sneaker. Each pair will be assigned attributes randomly that match the exact NFT artwork.” said Kory Stevens, Founder and Designer of TAFT.

There will be a limited number of designs available once the NFT line drops so that each one holds value. The designs will all be available through a randomized lottery. The designs vary in rarity depending on the unique set of attributes assigned to each at the time of their creation.

The package deal includes printed TAFT sneakers and the NFT art itself, as well as information on launches only available to TAFT NFT owners and access to a private Discord group with regular insights from the TAFT team. Interested buyers will be able to purchase their spot in the lottery though either US dollars or through the Solana blockchain. Solana uses more energy-efficient methods than others like Bitcoin and Ethereum, so your investment comes with the added bonus of a lower carbon footprint.

TAFT’s foray into NFT art signals a new way of combining digital and physical creations for a package deal that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. The line shows that there’s no need to shove art into constrictive boxes or force it to fit any one category. Individuality in art can still exist across multiple platforms, which opens up more doors for people to connect with art in their own way.

The NFT line launches this June. Each shoe + NFT package will cost $300 in USD or SOL. You can go ahead and join the waitlist or Discord now for updates on the process and first dibs on the drop.