UNDER Norway

When ocean view dining just won’t cut it, check out UNDER in Norway. 5 meters below sea level, UNDER is Europe’s first and the world’s largest underwater restaurant.  A monumental glass wall provides panoramic views of the sea, with fish and sea lions on view from every angle. The menu focuses on local as much as possible, including a strong emphasis on fish of course, along with seabirds and wild sheep that graze in the nearby hills. What makes UNDER particularly unique, is their desire to not only make the location tourist-friendly, but also be a hub for research. The restaurant is located in the southern tip of Norway, in the sometimes harsh waters of Spangereid that, up until now, have rarely been visited. The plan is to have UNDER guide the development of knowledge within marine biology of the area, while also providing guests with an enhanced dining experience. Find out more information about UNDER here.