Wild Ingenuity™: Exclusive Interview with Designer Lindsey Thornburg

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We’re excited to share the latest installment of Vanish’s Wild Ingenuity™ interview series. This week’s edition features our conversation with the esteemed designer and creative, Lindsey Thornburg. Though she’s based in New York these days, Lindsey’s always called Montana and Aspen, Colorado home. With these outdoor roots in mind, it’s safe to say Lindsey’s no stranger to an unrelenting winter. In fact, much of Lindsey’s outerwear work is catalyzed by a “dedication to staying warm and being unique”. As you’ll discover in our exclusive interview, Lindsey has been collaborating with Pendleton Woolen Mills for nearly the last decade and is the first designer in the more than 150-year history of the company to have been allowed to cut into their blankets. The result of her collaboration with Pendelton has come in the form of masterfully designed cloaks that have proven very popular, even amongst the likes of celebrities such as Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, and Meryl Streep.

As a lifelong Oregonian with a burning affinity for Pendelton’s work, I can safely say there are more Pendelton blankets in my extended family than family members. It’s truly an honor to get to interview Lindsey Thornburg and tap into her mind with the Wild Ingenuity™ lens. We hope you enjoy reading Lindsey’s thoughtful answers on Nature-Culture-Future as much as we did!

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Lindsey Thornburg'NATURE
Tell us a bit about yourself, your company, and how your products are inspired by nature.

My name is Lindsey Thornburg. I’m a New York-based fashion designer from Montana and Colorado. I’m known best for my collaboration with Pendleton. I’m the first company in 110 years Pendleton has allowed cut into their blankets. I don’t really have a strategy, but I like being outside and I’ve always made clothing that’s reflected what I like to do. I like nature and I like looking cool and being cozy in nature.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Lindsey Thornburg'

Where do you go for inspiration and what out there in current culture is creating the best or most interesting vibes to motivate you?

I love being outside. I love making art outside with groovy people that like the psychedelic aspects of nature. No one else’s vibe motivates me. Even if I’m inspired. I have to motivate myself. What we do is so specific but I think there’s a lot of people doing clever things on the internet right now. I love clever good design even if it’s out of my wheelhouse. I love things that can last forever and aren’t trend based.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Lindsey Thornburg'FUTURE
What does the future look like for your work and what’s on your mind as you look forward?

I want a store in Aspen :). I went to high school there and it would be a fun homecoming to have my creative endeavors take me back.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Lindsey Thornburg'