Wild Ingenuity™: Scott Zergebel of HOLDEN

We connected with Scott Zergebel, co-founder and designer of HOLDEN, for this week’s edition of Wild Ingenuity™. Established in 2002 by Scott and professional athlete, Mike LeBlanc, HOLDEN creates seasonal collections and limited-edition apparel that flow effortlessly between city and outdoor lifestyles. Check out Scott’s take on Nature/Culture/Future.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your company, and how nature is woven into your product strategy…
My name is Scott Zergebel and I am the design director and co-founder of HOLDEN. I’m a lover of friends, family and Mother Nature… we are inspired by living and creating in Venice, CA, the heart of casual culture surrounded by California’s robust natural offerings. Our designs represent the truth of life lived at the intersection of progressive aesthetics and performance. Each piece fuses modern proportions, performance materials and fashion styling for seamless transitions between urban and outdoor adventures.

Where do you go for inspiration? What out there in current culture is creating the most interesting vibes to motivate you?
Inspiration is random and beautiful. For me, it usually comes through living my life in alignment with the things that make me happy: good friends, healthy food, time with Mother Nature, openness to experience, and some urban exploration.

What trends are you tracking right now that are helping you and your company plan for the future?
We’ll continue to move towards more technical fashion apparel as customers look to increasingly engage with the elements — not only in the mountains, deserts and coastlines, but also within urban landscapes. Having that versatility, depth of technical knowledge, and desire to make truly innovative creations will be crucial for any outerwear brand looking to succeed in the marketplace of the future.

From a materials and manufacturing standpoint, eco-friendlier options are still very much a part of the Holden brand DNA as sustainability has been the soul of our collections since day one.

Check out the latest from HOLDEN on their website and on Instagram.